we have observed a strange behavior differences between two Groupwise
Client Build numbers.

We're adding a String as a recipient with the following code:


Recipients draftmsgRecipients = draftmsg.Recipients;

draftmsgRecipients.AddByDisplayName(<String>, <GWAddressTargetType>)

(draftmsg being of the type Message3).

Now, in a Groupwise Client Version 7.0.2, Buildnumber 562, this
recipient is resolved to a group in the user#s primary addressbook,
while in a Groupwise Client Version 7.0.2, Buildnumber 561, it remains
unresolved, although a Group of the same name as the added String exists
in the user's primary address book.

In both times the primary address book was added to the Search Queue for
name extension.

My question is: Can you explain what governs this behavior difference?
Is it a configuration value? The clients run in different Groupwise
environments, by the way.

Alternatively, is there a support forum more suited for this question? I
couldn't find one explicitly concerned with the client.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Martin Schmidt.