I use the GW client 8 on Windows XP.
And I use VB6 code to access the contacts of the Groupwise client
With GW7 this works fine.
With GW8 it crashes very often on different code lines.
u = GWRootAccount.AddressBooks.count
For i = 1 To u
Set objABook = GWRootAccount.AddressBooks.Item(i)
'sometime objABook remains nothing, sometimes this work
Set objABook = Nothing 'crashes with GW8!

or e.g.
For Earch objABook in GWRootAccount.AddressBooks
'crashes with GW8

It is almost impossible to retrieve data, sometimes it works, sometimes it
does not work, but does not crash, but in most cases it crashes
All my code works very stable with GW7.

As e.g.
Set objABook = Nothing
causes a crash I assume there are memory leaks with in the GW8 objects, as
the line itself cannot be the problem.
Once I had a message from GW that the destructor of an object was not called
or sth. like that, but I did not make a screenshot.

Is this a known issue?
Is there a solution for that?