Dear Novell,

Please please please will you start distributing your own COM Interop libraries for the GroupWise client

I am totally sick and tired of having to recompile our own COM Interop interfaces to *YOUR* GroupWise Libraries just because you have chosen to
make another change to gwcma1.dll/gwdt31.dll which immediately breaks our 3CPOs and Tokens.

I made this request on this very forum *2 years* ago and STILL nothing has been done about. .NET may well be a load of old pants, but that
doesn't mean people aren't having to use it.

Please please fix this - with GroupWise 8, COM Interop is now a 2Mb cost on our apps just to get .NET to interface with your applications and
this is just plain ridiculous - especially as every 3rd party developer is having to do exactly the same thing whether it be for VB or C#