Hi fellow soapers,

we usually request 100 mails per readCursorRequest.

We have quite a large view:
"default", "message", "recipients", "attachments", "peek", "recipientStatus"

So we saw this error a couple of times in the POA log:

15:22:41 079 gwm:readCursorResponse is too large: [EA04]

We switched to request 25 mails per readCursorRequest
as proposed/showed by Tim Draper at his SOAP workshops.

Now we see this log entry less frequent but we still see it sometimes.

We have not noticed any negative effects of this log message,
but I would like to get confirmation of my assumption here:

So is it correct that this log entry is not resulting in missing data
in the readCursorResponse ?

I know of the problems with memory fragmentation
on NetWare. Is it a warning regarding this only ?

What if any are the effects of this log entry,
is it just informational ?

Kind regards,