I've read some of the previous posts about this topic, but there doesn't
seem to be a definitive answer. If you want a posted appointment to appear
in a specific subcalendar, you can (technically at least) call
createItemRequest with the container specified, even though it is not
recommended. You could also call sendItemRequest and then moveItemRequest
for every id that's returned, but that seems like a highly inefficient way
of doing things. It's a matter of do I want to make 4 SOAP calls per
appointment or 24 SOAP calls per appointment (assuming that after recurrence
is factored in there are 20 messages that must be moved) - given the speed
of SOAP I'd rather just do 4. So what's the deal here? If your goal is to
populate users' mailboxes from the backend (ie not going through the regular
business processes like rule processing), is createItemRequest going to
cause some problems that are unseen? Is there going to be a moveItemsRequest
call that can do more than one message per SOAP call? createItemRequest
seems to work the same way as sendItemRequest in this instance, at least in
terms of the results they produce.

Jonathan Reams
Computing and Network Services
Drew University