Hi all,

I'm trying to get emails from Groupwise (7.0.2) - this is the view that I
use with getItemsRequest:

default peek message/RTF attachments

This retrieves all emails that I need, with all attachments.

If I understand it correctly, the AttachmentItemInfo.data property contains
the attachment content (in base64) if the content is less than 1 MB.
Otherwise a getAttachmentRequest must be issued, using the attachment's ID
to get the attachment content.

Now, I'd like to get all the above email details (including attachment
details, like size, date, etc.), but not the content. I'd like to retrieve
attachment content separately, but first I want to inspect other attachment
details that tell me if I need the content or not. (In other words, I always
want the data property to be empty, regardless of attachment size, but I
want the other attachment details.)

Is there a way to specify this in the view?

Thanks in advance,
Gyorgy Bozoki