Hello all,
I'm not very experienced in setting up resources in groupwise, nor have
I mastered the phpClient SOAP library, so bear with me :)

What I would like to do, is set up a series of calendars in groupwise in
some manner which would be editable by various users in our system via
the groupwise client. Then, using the the SOAP API and PHP, I would
like to grab events from these calendars for display in our internal

I'm mainly confused how these calendars should be created and then
accessed via SOAP. These are my current thoughts:

1. Proxy access to separate calendars -
As separate resources whereby I would proxy into each of these calendars
through a common user via SOAP. Though my issue here resides in the
fact that, though I have discovered how to login to a particular user
and see their individual calendar events; I still have no idea how to
proxy to another calendar through that current user...

2. Shared calendars under a particular user -
As shared calendars under a centralized account, so we would create a
series of calendars under one user (or resource?). Then I could use
SOAP to login to that user, and grab all the events I want from each of
the calendars

3. Another option? -


I'm wondering what the best organizational structure would be to
create all these calendars, and then gain access to them via soap. If
someone could point me in the right direction, I would be extremely
greatful! :)