I use the phpclient code and added this:

if { $gwservice->session != "")
$urs = new getSettingsRequest();
$urs->id = "EnvironmentSettings",
$usres = $gwservice->getSettingsRequest($urs);
print"<BR>In getSettingsRequest" . $gwservice->session . "<BR>";
print "clientsettings: " . $usres['settingsLanguage']->value . "<BR>";

The result is:

name: Admin
stdClass Object ( [status] => stdClass Object ( [code] => 59920 [description] => Missing session string ) )
In getSettingsRequest V2f_h0e1CpZj7coz

Where is the Missing session string comming from?
Does someone has a example of getSettingsRequest?

Does someone knows if there is a way trough soap to know if the user has a full license of webaccess?


Roel Niesen