I am trying to use createCursorRequest() to search recursively under a
folder (Mailbox, or below any folder) for specific messages using a filter.
I can only seem to get items returned in the folder ID that I pass in, and
not below.

In an earlier message Rainer indicated he uses the 'folders' keyword in his
request, but where is this set ?

>>> On Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 10:57 AM, Rainer
>>> Backes<> wrote:

> I'm using the Create/ReadCursorRequest to get messages out of the
> Mailbox. I use the 'folders' keyword to get messages from all folders.

Here is a snippet of my (php) code:

$creq = new createCursorRequest();
$creq->container = $folderid; // the id of the folder to search below,
this can be id of 'Root' (ie Mailbox) or some other folder
$creq->view = 'default peek'; //i've tried adding 'folders' to the view
$creq->filter = $filter; // $filter is created earlier, and can be a
simple FilterEntry or a more complex FilterGroup with several FilterEntries
try {
$cres = $gwclient->createCursorRequest($creq);
} catch(Exception $e) { .... }

Simply put: How do I search recursively using cursors?

Thanks for the help!