Is there a way I can make an itemsRequest using multiple filters?
I'm trying to do something simple, like grab all events within a
particular date range.

I can grab all elements >= startDate, but I also need to supplant that
with an additional filter for all events <= the endDate.

$ir = new getItemsRequest();
$ir->container = $folderID;
$fe = new FilterEntry( 'gte', 'startDate', NULL, $date, NULL );
$ir->filter = new Filter( $fe );
$getItemsResponse = $this->gwservice->getItemsRequest( $ir );

It doesnt look like there's anything built yet to support this...


Also, how would I even grab all the events for one day?
$fe = new FilterEntry( 'eq', 'startDate', NULL, $date, NULL );

The above doesn't work since the date strings must match exactly

if the event startDate is '2008-06-25T15:00:00Z', and I try to match
with $date = '2008-06-25', the equality check fails, and those events
wont be returned - the time must match as well.

Thanks so much :)