When I pull down an allDay event from groupwise soap, the startDay is
fine, but the endDay is the NEXT day (from what I chose through the
groupwise interface) - why is this?

I would assume that they should be same as how I created them in
groupwise, no?

i.e. I created an event that goes from 7/9/2008 to 7/9/2008 (an all day
event for today), but when I get at it through soap, the endDay is now
7/10/2008. Quite odd to me, unless I'm missing something here :)


Also, the startDate is '2008-07-09T05:00:00Z' and endDate is
Why is the time listed at T05:00:00Z to T05:00:00Z and not like
T00:00:00Z to T23:59:59Z?

Thanks guys,