I have used JPublisher to generate Java 1.4 classes from groupwise.wsdl in GW7SP2 contained in novell-gwsoap-devel-2008.06.17-1cross_platform.zip. There were a few classes missing most notably Mail.java, but I added it in from the Novell version for Java 5 (as I want to be able to cast an Item to a Mail type). I dont think I should have had to do this, I dont know why the class was missing, but all the same, now Im logging into my Groupwise PostOffice Agent fine, searching Folders ok, but when calling GroupWisePortType getItemsRequest with the containerID 7.MDW.PO-MDW. corresponding to my Mailbox Folder, I get the error

unexpected element type: expected=, actual={http://schemas.novell.com/2005/01/GroupWise/types}Mail

I get this error when i don't use a Filter and have no ItemRefList. I have a view of new String[] {"default", "message", "peek", "attachment }. If I put in a filter of


to try specify type of mail message, i get the same error.

But when I put in a filter of:


the my code returns Status successful but then when i try and get the items from the returned GetItemsResponse, there are no items, e.g. when I
call GetItemsResponse getItems().getItem().length, the length is zero. But I know there are items in this Mailbox Folder with this containerId, as earlier calls to Folder getCount I get the correct count of (items) emails in the Mailbox Folder with this containerId.

any idea whats wrong?