I'm about to export the GroupWiseSystemAddressBook to another system.
I'm using C# (Visual Studio 2005) for the purpose.
I been successful with the method createCursorRequest and I'm getting
hold of the SAB and the information that I'm looking for.

This export is supposed to take place every night why it would be
preferably to use the method getDeltasRequest (and getDeltaInfoRequest?)
for the update.

This exampel is to be found in the documentation:

<lastTimePORebuild >0</lastTimePORebuild>

I've been trying this way:

WebRef.getDeltasRequest req = new WebRef.getDeltasRequest();
req.container = "GroupWiseSystemAddressBook@52";
req.view = "";
uint ui = 23;
req.deltaInfo.firstSequence = ui; //NOTE *
req.deltaInfo.lastSequence = ui; //NOTE *
uint uiLT = 0;
req.deltaInfo.lastTimePORebuild = uiLT; //NOTE *

WebRef.getDeltasResponse resp;
resp = ws.getDeltasRequest(req);

if (0 != resp.status.code)

NOTE * = Am I supposed to get these values from the getDeltaInfoRequest ?

Can anyone give me an example (hardcoded) of how this should work?


Per-Jan Eriksson
Swedish National Police Board