Hey Preston,

I have an issue with one particular mailbox having a tremendous amount of
Currently I am guessing around 5 thousand folders.

The issue is: the call to getFolderList("folders",...) doesn't return.
Realizing it might be hitting the SOAP size limit I decided to
switch from getting all folders at once to recursively get each
level separately.

There are two things I noticed:
It is still very slow to get even one folder with getFolder() ( around 10
seconds ).
( I use this to get the root folder )

There is no way to identify folders which do not have sub folders ( or did I
miss something )
which means I have to make 5 thousand SOAP calls.

A.) Is there a known issue with getting folders from a large list
or could there be a broken index ?

B.) As a future feature request: would it be possible to get the number of
inside a folder. This would dramatically reduce the nr. of SOAP calls in
this case.