I am trying to identify attachment types in an app written to GW7.0.3.

In a previous thread, it was suggested (by Preston) that the only way to tell an attachment's type in v7.x was to extract the type from attachment ID (the number between the '@' and ':' had meaning, though it was disclaimed to not be documented, and therefore not guaranteed to be consistent with future releases...).

But when I try to retrieve an attachment's ID, I get mixed results, none of which even include a ':'.

If I access the "AttachmentItemInfo.ContentID" field, I get a null value.

If I access the "AttachmentItemInfo.ID" field, I get something like this:

com.novell.groupwise.ws.AttachmentID@3a6e5c (this is for an attached message)
com.novell.groupwise.ws.AttachmentID@185ad79 (this is for the text.htm file)
com.novell.groupwise.ws.AttachmentID@1401d28 (this is for an attached binary file)

In both cases, the message was retrieved with the following "view" string:

"attachments id subject recipient from msgId messageId created size"

Is there a way, in v7.0.3 (or even in v7.0.4), to get the attachment ID in the format that identifies the attachment type? Or, is there another way to identify the attachment type? (In particular, I have to be able to tell if the attachment is an attached message.)

(FWIW, accessing the ContentType property isn't very helpful, especially for attached messages - sometimes they are identified as MIME files, but often they are just identified as octet streams.)

Much TIA...