I'm working in VB .net but it's ok if you answer in C# as I can understand that too.

1. Are there any examples of how to return the getsettingsresponse items into an array or string that I can massage or work with (pass to other functions/subs/objects)?

2. Are there any examples of how to use modifysettingsrequest/modifysettingsresponse as far as sending a request to modify a setting for a user? The docs simply state

Specifies the setting name and new value.
Returns the error number related to the event. 0 indicates that the request was successful.
Returns the success or failure of the method."

This does not help me as I cannot get any code to work with the modifyrequest class. I can getsettings just fine now thanks to your help. It appears to not accept anything that I try to pass to the modifysettings Request. I cannot pass the setting name nor any value to it.

The docs are fine and all, but it would be nice to have some more sample code out there for this product in addition to the current docs that are present - maybe on the cool solutions site? I'll post if it'll help once I get some more familiarity with this. This is real powerful in how you can access GroupWise. As I'm trying to work with this, the docs show the XML data over the wire that will be generated by the program at runtime but from my perspective, I only care about that when troubleshooting why I received no response to a request. My XML data is abstracted by the .net framework when I'm coding. I'm sure other programming languages are abstracted just the same.

Oops, that was 3 questions. It's ok if you dont want to answer the last one about cool solutions.