Groupwise 7.03 running on Netware Server. Connecting to a bridgehead exchange 2003 server. The gateway is installed and running. Everything is working (free busy searches, mail transfer, Dirsync).. But it looks like the gateway has DST issues.

Groupwise Server and Exchange Bridgehead are located in Saskatchewan, Canada) and we do not observe DST. The main Exchange Database Server is located in Portland and does follow DST. .

When the NEW DST hours took effect appointments are now showing out by +1 hour. After doing some testing I realized that any messages sent through the gateway are not following the new start / end times.

If DST Start dates had not been changed with the energy act, the original DST switch dates would have been April 5th of this year. I sent 2 test appointments from our exchange system one for april 4th and one for april 6th. April 4th was out by an hour, but april 6th shows as correct (which tells me it is factoring in old dst start/end dates).

To attempt to resolve this, i created a custom timezone in console1 and manually specified the new dst dates and told it to observe dst. I applied it and Restarted the POA/MTA and the gateway.

When the gateway starts I can see it is now using my cutom timezone, however the appointments are still off by +1 hour. The Exchange Database as well as the Exchange Bridgehead that the gateway is running on have all been microsoft dst patched.

Also worth noting is that any appointments sent from groupwise to exchange are calculated properly, it is just from Exchange to groupwise that it adds an hour. This made me think it was a groupwise issue, however.
We host more than one internet email domain name on this system and i sent a test message from the same exchange system to another domain name (on the same system, that goes through the GWIA instead of groupwise gateway, and the appointments are being calculated properly. The problem seems to be just for appointments going through the gateway from exchange to groupwise.. I know the Groupwise gateway for exchange is being used, is anyone else having problems with dst?? I know the problem will go away in 2 weeks, however it will come back next year.