I have read several TIDs and forum posts, however, I still have questions on how DSFW is setup in an existing eDirectory environment.

I have a Netware cluster of 5 NetWare 6.5 SP7 servers running eDirectory 8.8 SP2 with about 6 NSS resources such as file and print. I also have 2 OES2 SP1 Linux servers that are currently supporting SLP, DNS, and DHCP that are not a part of the cluster. My eDirectory tree has one partition of the entire tree with a master and several r/w replicas. The top of the tree is O with several OUs under this organization such as ou=Staff, ou=Printers, etc...

1. Do I need to partition out the eDirectory container that I will be using as the Domain for DSFW?
2. If I create a new container OU called ou=example would the new FDN of the container for DSFW be ou=example,o=<eDir Org Name> or something else?
3. Am I going to have to move all of my users under this new container or partition if a separate partition is needed?
4. Do I need to uninstall the Novell Client from the user workstations to make this work?
5. Will my users still be able to access iPrint and file storage that runs as an NSS clustered volume on our Netware cluster?

We have setup a Win2008 server with terminal services. We are currently able to access and run software from this terminal server from any workstation in the district, however, we have to authenticate 3 times before we have full access to the application. We would like to have just 1 authentication to these terminal service applications. I'm wondering if DSfW is something that we could implement to fix this authentication issue and possibly allow us to use other applications that require Active Directory such as VDI from VMware.