We are running Netware 6.5 SP 7, eDir 8.8 sp1 and our workstations are
running Windows XP sp2. We are trying to find out what is causing
"invisible" files in our shared directories. We have two workstation images,
one for the teachers and the other for the students. Both have the same
programs, and same version of Windows. Both the students and the teachers
map to a shared directory on the Netware server. When the students save a
file name with an apostrophe, for example kim'shomework.doc that one file
will make ALL files in that directory "invisible" to the teachers
workstations using Explorer.
We have tracked the problem down to the curly apostrophe versus a straight '
apostrophe. If it's a curly apostrophe, the files are invisible. With a
straight apostrophe you can see the files. The problem is, we can't figure
out why only some of the student machines are saving filenames with a curly
apostrophe. Another character that causes the same problem is the emdash
versus the dash (or minus sign). The emdash used in a filename will make all
other files invisible to the teacher workstation. All of these files have
been saved with Office 2007 (either Word or Powerpoint).
These files are always visible using ConsoleOne. But does anyone know how we
could resolve this problem. It doesn't matter how many times we ask the
students not to use these characters, they consistently forget.