So, I've used the same set of Duralex drinking glasses for probably 15
years. We had never broken one, and at our former house, which had formica
counters, dropped plenty of them on the counter or linoleum floor. However,
my tile counters at our current house have claimed their second glass in
about 2 months (maybe we're just getting more clumsy!).

So, while I understand the idea of tempered glass and how it shatters in
"little pieces" to prevent having large shards that will cut off your foot,
I have to say, gathering up hundreds of little glass pieces (even flakes) is
not what you want to do at 7:00 in the morning when a simple goal of giving
your child a glass of apple juice turns into a kitchen mine field <g>.

After Dominique broke one about 6 weeks ago, I swept, vacuumed, washed
(repeat, repeat, repeat), and about two weeks later ended up stepping on a
teeny tiny piece of glass while walking through the kitchen for a cup of
coffee. Today I had to empty out the cat food dish and clean out the kitty
fountain (it was due for a clean out anyway), because a big chunk of glass
fell into the cat foot dish, and I couldn't be confident that there were no
little hidden glass flakes in the food or water at that point.

Can I go back to bed now please ??

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