Hi all,

I would like to programmatically execute a query for messages sent or
received by a certain address. I decided to use the token interface, token
function QueryExecute, for this task, so the results would be presented in
the usual GW window.

Unfortunately, documentation for building query strings is hard to find,
to say the least :-( In addition, after I had finally found out that the
query to be used was most likely (TO CONTAINS "xxx") OR (FROM
CONTAINS "xxx"), it turned out that the token interface seems to execute
full text queries only, i.e. the query string was taken literally and
searched for in the message body... A "debugging DLL" I wrote to find out
the correct parameter, which subscribed to the token and printed the
parameters, turned out useless - in the case of a non-fulltext query, the
parameter was empty.

I have not been able to find any useful documentation, sample code or
other help on this subject. Can somebody please provide some information?

Best regards,
Heinz Herbeck