I would like to set a draft email fields.
Creating a new email and filling it's fields works fine, but if the email
exists my method fails.

I use c++ with following code:

std::string strCommand;
std::string strMesageID
= "\"3AC674E8.GW24ENG_DN.GW24ENG_PO.100.1736637.1.57 7.1\";";
std::string strNewText = "\"subject\"";

strCommand = "ItemSetText(";
//strCommand += "\"X00\";";
strCommand += strMesageID;
strCommand += "9;";
strCommand += strNewText;
strCommand += ")";
cmd = T2W(strCommand.c_str());
hr = pGWC->Execute(cmd,&res,&success);

This returns the follwing error: "Token failed execution!"

Please help me on this,

Best Regards