I have a problem. I created a C3PO button to read out Addressbook

So the situation is the following:

I have opened my contacts, so all my contacts are listed.
I select one of them, and want to receive information like Name, Mail etc.
of the selected contact. But this doesnt work.

I tried functions like AddressBookGetEntry(), but they all need the
FullAddressText as a parameter to identity, but this doesnt work either
(invalid enumeration parameter --> "flo.gasser@gmx.at").

The only functions which work with selected contacs are NewMailToContact
(), and delete. So I can't imagine that its not possible to access the
data of selected contacts, this would be very sad, because it wont't be
possible to write "good" integrations for GW. So maybe someone of you can
help me.

Best regards, Florian Gasser