I am using GroupWise Tokens to change the text in the GroupWise status
bar in order to keep my user informed on the progress of my program
which runs in the background when GroupWise starts. Everything is
working well except I noticed this one problem.

If the user opens a message window in GroupWise (to read an existing
message or to compose a new message), while that message window has
focus the calls my program make through the Token API to change the
GroupWise status bar seem to get ignored. This includes my call to
unlock the status bar using "LockStatusBar(1; 0);". The result is, when
the user opens a message window it appears that my program has frozen
(even though it is either still running or has completed successfully).
Also, if my program finishes while the focus is on a message window,
GroupWise never gets access to its status bar returned.

Is this a bug in the Token API? Is there a work around? I am using
GroupWise 6.5.3s (10/19/2004).