i am trying to open groupwise email in our application. we are using
VBscript for doing this. with the code its generating email with
attachements. but, its going to the Drafts folder.
when i tried using commander object its giving me error as
"type mismatch:objGWCom.Execute.

here is the code..

Sub openGroupWise()

Dim objGWSes,objGWCom,objGWLogin,objMailBox,objMessage s,objNewMsg

Set objGWSes = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")

Set objGWCom = CreateObject("GroupwiseCommander")

Set objGWLogin = objGwSes.login("test","","test","")

Set objMailBox = objGwLogin.MailBox

Set objMessages = objMailBox.Messages

Set objNewMsg = objMessages.Add()

objNewMsg.Subject = "Testing.. GW Obj"


objGWCom.Execute("ItemOpen(" & objNewMsg.MessageID & ")")

Set objGWCom = Nothing
Set objNewMsg = nothing
Set objMessages = nothing
Set objMailBox = nothing
Set objGWLogin = nothing
Set objGWSes = Nothing
End Sub

please help me to open the email.
Thanks is advance,