Hello everyone,

I am new to using the Groupwise API's and I have run into a problem that I
can't fix. I am following the "How to use Groupwise Tokens" AppNote
example on creating a sample application in Visual Basic

However, for some reason I keep getting a type mismatch error code during
execution. I think that it has something to do with the return string
variable, because I removed the other two and the error disappeared (the
token failed, but at least it was published).

Anyhow, here is my code. Any help would be appreciated:

Private Sub Init_GroupWise_Client()
Dim objGWCom As Object
Dim intReturn As Integer
Dim strResult As String
Dim strParam, strMsgID, strText As String

Set objGWCom = CreateObject("GroupwiseCommander")

strMsgID = "X00"
strText = "What the fox did..."
strParam = "ItemSetText(""" + strMsgID + """; 9; """ + strText + """)"
intReturn = objGWCom.Execute(strParam, strResult)

Set objGWCom = Nothing
End Sub

Joshua Barker
Supply Chain Analyst
Katun Corporation