I have an application where I'm checking for the Send Token. Based on the
Send Token I'm adding text to the email message. The Problem I have is I
get TWO hits if Spell Check on Send is enabled. It seems like as soon as
you press the Send button my code does in fact execute, then Spell check
starts and then you get the second "Do You Want to Send this item?". When
you click Yes my code executes again. If I do not have Spell Check on
Send enabled, you get just one hit. Is there a way around this, so I just
get one hit no matter if the User has Spell Check on Send enabled or not?

Code Sample I'm using:

If (lpData^.lpToken^.wTokenId = BFTKN_SEND) then // Check for Send
Token Init.
redact := False ;

Commandr := CreateOleObject('GroupWiseCommander') ;
retval :=Commandr.Execute('TokenHandle',ReturnStr) ;
:=Commandr.Execute('EnvCheckCurrentWindow(Appointm entMessage)',AppMsg);
//Check to see if this is an appointment
retval :=Commandr.Execute('ItemGetText("X00";3)',ReturnSt r);

Other Code in Here....

result := SmallInt(DLL_HAN_NOT_HANDLED);