I have a C3PO that I use for work notes, kind of a diary of my activities
at work.
To add a work note I simply double click on my calendar to start a new
posted appointment.
My C3PO adds a button to the toolbar called "WorkNote". When I hit this
button three things happen:
The Alarm is cleared
The place is set to "My Office"
The appointment is changed to "Show Appt As Free"

These notes have saved me many times when someone asks me six months from
now if I changed a program. I also use it to complete monthly status

Anyway, my questions is:
Is it possible to assign a category to a posted appointment using Tokens?
I'd like to add some color to my work notes.

Here is the Execute paragraph from my GWCommand class in the C3PO:
Public Sub Execute()
Dim res
Dim MyAccount As Variant
Dim sResult As String
Dim iRet As Integer
Dim GWDDE As Variant
Dim StrName As String

On Error GoTo Execute_Err

Select Case m_sPersistentID
Set GWDDE = CreateObject("GroupWiseCommander") 'Start the tokens

'Set the place to My Office
iRet = GWDDE.Execute("TextSetPlaceName(""My Office"")", sResult)
'Show Appt As Free
iRet = GWDDE.Execute("ShowApptAs(0)", sResult)
'Clear the Alarm
iRet = GWDDE.Execute("ClearAlarm()", sResult)
Set GWDDE = Nothing

Case Else
MsgBox "Unsupported Case"
End Select

Exit Sub


MsgBox "Error Executing GWCommand: " & m_sPersistentID & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
& _
"Err Number: " & Trim(Err.Number) & vbCrLf & _
"Description: " & Err.Description, _
Resume Next
End Sub