Hi All,

I just tripped over this Problem in GW 6.5.4:

Defect #356188: The EnvSentMessageID token returns the wrong type of ID.
form does not match the IDs used by the Object API. Therefore, you can't
the EnvSentMessageID to identify a message later using the Object API.
in GW 7.0 in May, 2005.

Is there a workaround or some conversation possible ?

I tried converting the IDFromSendToken to hex
and using some number from the end of the false MessageID
to hack me a valid MessageID.

At first it looked promising, but it didn't work... :-(

The Hex IDFromSendToken is a little different than
the start of the real Message ID...

Is there any Tip you can give me,
how to identify the Message which
got send by my ItemSend Token API call
with GW 5.4 ?