Hi there,

Here's my code to send an email via the GroupWise client form.
vGWCmd := CreateOleObject('GroupWiseCommander');
vGWCmd.Execute('MainWindowShow()', sRet);

// Let the time to GW to open main form

vGWCmd.Execute('NewMail()', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetTo("' + sSendTo + '"; True)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetSubject("' + sSubject + '"; True)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetMessage("' + sBody + '"; False)', sRet);

All works fine but after the user clicks the Send button, a brand new
empty mail is created and popup. If I understand well Tokens, it is like
a message (sent using API SendMessage).

Maybe tokens are mixed up and that's why another new mail form is created
after email is sent. Is there an equivalent and more predictable way to
send tokens (a kind of PostMessage)?

Thank you for reply,

Rej Cloutier