Hi all,

I'm using GroupWise 7.0.1 under Delphi 2006 (late binding)...

My app starts GroupWise and opens a 'New Mail' window.

1- Sometimes, the GW main menu is blank (that is, workspace color),
and grpwise.exe cannot be close (ctrl-alt-del to kill the task);

2- If some text has been placed in the buffer (copy operation) before
opening the 'New Mail' window, the buffer is cleared and text is lost
(paste operation greyed).

Here's my code to create a new mail:
vGWCmd := CreateOleObject('GroupWiseCommander');
vGWCmd.Execute('MainWindowShow()', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('NewMail()', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetTo("' + sMsgTo + '"; True)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetSubject("' + sMsgSubject + '"; True)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetMessage("' + sMsgBody + '"; False)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('AttachmentAdd("' + sFile1 + '"; 0)', sRet);
vGWCmd.Execute('AttachmentAdd("' + sFile2 + '"; 0)', sRet);

Thanks a lot for reading,

Rej Cloutier