I have a strange problem using the Filter Tokens with QueryExecute and

I create a filter using the following token commands.

FilterSetText(17833584;331;"DM*"; 225; "DMS nummer")

When running this on my development test installation of GW 7.0.1 the
result window opens and the result is displayed. When looking at the
properies of the search it tells me correctly '...where DMS nummer
contains "DM*"'.

When trying the same software on the production installation (same versie
of GW client) the result window opens and nothing is dispayed, teh
properties showing an empty search.

When using the QuerySaveAsFolder like this

QuerySaveAsFolder("Basismap van ddinformatica\Dossierkast\Zoek resultaat
(12.43.52)";"DDI document
selectie";0;1;"";17833584;4;654;;Libraries:"PODOM. UTR-DMS01.DMS001";;)

Again on the development PC everythink works like intented, on the
production PC the result is empty. But the properties of the search are
looking correct '...where DMS nummer contains "DM*"'. So ther should be a
result. When I open the advanced function of the search, change nothing
and click Ok, the result is displayed correctly.

Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong? As far as I understand
the token commends are correct.