According to this document the token Itemopen should work in both Groupwise
6.5, 7 or later. I have an SOE machine installed with Groupwise 7. I am
writing a VB application to composed an email using proxy, this part of the
code seem to work OK because I can see the mail message in the "work in
Progress" proxy folder. But when I tried to execute the token
oCommander.execute "ItemOpen(" & Chr(34) & sMsgID & Chr(34) & ";" & Chr(34)
& sUserID & Chr(34) & ")", sResult. The message returns in sResult is
"Token failed Execution!". I also tried to execute ItemOpen token without
the sUserID parameter; as result "Token failed Execution!".

I only get this message on the SOE with Groupwise 7 but it works fine on
the SOE with Groupwise 6.5. What I want to know is "has there been any
changes to ItemOpen token function between groupwise 6.5 and groupwise 7"?

I would appreciate any assistances you can give me to resolved this issue?