I am currently working on a small VBA script which needs to send mail
through the Groupwise client. This all works fine, but when i want to send
encrypted mail i start getting problems.

I have tried 4 ways to get this working:
1: using the Object API, there isn't any way to send encrypted email
through this API as far as i know, also asked on the OAPI forum, and got a
response that this is not possible in the OAPI.

2: Using the Tokens, i tried using SendMail token, however, this token
does not have an option to send mail encrypted. neither can i change it
through the SendOptions token.

3: Tried setting the default options for new mail messages in the
groupwise client, so a new message is encrypted and signed whenever you
start creating a message. (Extra->Options->Send->Security).
I was hoping that i could mislead the Object API or SendMail token this
way. But they keep sending unencrypted email, even when the default
setting is encrypted.

4: Using the tokens, i tried using ItemSend. I managed to get it working
with this token through the ItemEncrypt and ItemDigitalSign tokens before
using the ItemSend. This all works fine in a perfect setup environment,
but when the recipient doesn't have a certificate assigned to it, i get a
dialog which asks for the correct certificate.
This dialog blocks the flow of the scipt which isn't an option for me,
since the script will run every night when noone is working at the
So this solution isn't an option either.

Can anybody help me on this one? Where i could look for a solution, i
think i have searched for every possible keyword on these forums, and on

For instance, is there any way to suppress the Dialog in option 4 which
blocks my script.
Codesamples would be appreciated if possible.