hey there,

can u someone give me the correct syntax that is expected when passing the FolderPath where the draft message is to be saved?

here is a code snip-it:

string retval = "";

IGWClientState6 state = (IGWClientState6)g_C3POManager.ClientState;
Account7 account = (Account7)state.CurrentAccount;

retval = Execute("ItemSetText(\"X00\"; Subject; \" (Classified) + ")\"; Yes; Yes))");
retval = Execute("ItemSaveMessageDraft(\"" + account.Owner.DisplayName + " \\Home\\Work In Progress\")");
account = null;
state = null;

i thought the started from the root or the owner's account name + the work Home. in GW 7 the root path is <Owner.DisplayName> Home

i'm trying to save the message to the work in progress folder.

any ideas?

Thanks guys,