When I read out the Message ID of an window I get ID's like this:
4662A564.$$$.$$$.100.1242424.1.72.1 and when I want to read out the
priority I got this Error: "Invalid enumeration parameter
ItemGetPriority(4662A564.$$$.$$$.100.1242424.1.72. 1)" on the ReturnString.
So what is wrong? Is it possible that the MessageID only works if the
Groupwise Client ist logged in on a online post Agent server because now I
only work with the remote Mode and not with the online Mode.

Here my C# Code:

string ReturnString = "";
string MyFolderName = "";
GroupWiseCommander.GWCommanderClass bbb = new
bool b = bbb.Execute("ItemMessageIDFromView()", out MyFolderName);
string command = "ItemGetPriority(" + MyFolderName + ")";
bool c = bbb.Execute(command, out ReturnString);