Hello everyone,

I know this has been asked before, but I have not been able to find a
solution so far.

Can GroupWise Tokens be used to open items in a shared folder which does
not belong to the user currently logged in (i.e. the folder is shared to
him or her)? If not, can this be done using another API or some kind of

When someone last asked this question in July 2007, it was pointed out
that the ItemOpen function was never designed to support this behaviour
and also that the type of message ID passed to ItemOpen contains
insufficient information. My application obtains the message ID from
GroupWise Web Service (SOAP) prior to publishing the token, so I also have
the ID's instance information (the part after the '@'). Is this additional
data of any use?

I also noticed that opening contacts does not work with ItemOpen.
Additionally, the token fails execution when a contact item is selected
and ItemMessageIDFromView is called. Again I would like to know if there
is some way to open contact items (preferrably using only the ID string)
or if there is an alternative API that I could use.

The GroupWise server and client I am running are 7.0.1 06-13-06. I am
using the latest GroupWise developer suite

Thanks in advance,
Peter Hofer