i must write a integration for Groupwise 7.0 for Windows in VB6. I reed many
things about a C3PO and have GroupWise developer's guide in PDF.

I understand the function of C3PO but i have many asks about some points.

How can I:

- delete atachments of incoming Mails. Wenn i want delete, i become an
error: i have no rights for this Mails. But when i change the status of new
Mails in private, i can.

- change the status of incoming mail in private

- how i can change a incoming e-mail Class from "GW.MESSAGE.MAIL" in for
example in "GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.Company"

- Clone the incoming Mails

- create a new Folder and i beacme the events when the Folder have a new

- a event of new incoming Mails

- Mails move from Mailbox in Folder XZY

- can i relisidas a Previewhandler in Groupwise for mz own Files/Extension

I hope its not to much. Thanks for a Tips.

Greetings from Berlin