Confused again by apparent contradictory releases....

On Novell's BETA downloads page we have "NCL 2.0 sp1 - Public Beta" which
has three sub-catagories:

1. OpenSUSE 10.3, released June 2008
2. OpenSUSE 11, released Oct 2008
3. SLED 11/OpenSUSE 11.1, released Jan 2009

Now for the confusing bit....

Just posted today is the NCL 2.0 sp2 for SLED 11.

What? First of all the sp1 is still listed as being in beta, second SLED 11
is not available - though it must be close, third there was no public beta
for this so called NCL 2.0 sp2.

This looks rather backwards and unprofessional.

So does this mean that this sp2 is going to be released for the prior
versions of SLED and the various versions of OpenSUSE? Or is the public
beta of sp1 going to be released instead? Will there be a public beta of
sp2 for the SLED 10/OpenSUSE products?

And what are the differences between sp1 and sp2? I tried to get to the
readme for this client but the link results in an http error 404. Of course
since this is Novell I am not surprised - they often suffer from premature
releaseification :-). I'm sure that the missing readme will show up in a
few hours.