I am testing a GW8 upgrade in my LAB. I am on SLES 10sp1. And testing with GW8 Hot Patch 1.

I have updated Java for use with ConsoleOne on GW 8 and when I do a rpm -qa | grep -i jre I have:


Frequently when I launch ConsoleOne on the SLES Server (/usr/ConsoleOne/bin/./ConsoleOne) ConsoleOne never fully loads. The display is simply a lght blue Window with the ConsoleOne logo and lettering in the top left corner. I can minimize this but not close it out. The only way to get rid of the minimized instances of C1 is to reboot the server. Can't locate a PID for ConsoleOne

Has anyone else seen this.

I can also launch C1 through an xming session on my Desktop so I can work. Just never seen the above described quirky behavior.

Thanks ahead!