I just cancelled my XM radio in a fit of rage. I spend almost 2 hours on the
phone this morning on a problem I called in to have fixed 2 weeks ago. It seems
that since they "upgraded" their online radio on the 11th, you can only listen
to it at 32kbps (which sounds like carp). Well, I called and told them "I
bought a year with the 64k available, and I want at least that available until
the end of my year." The complied, and gave me the 'premium' online option
until my year was up. They told me it would take 24 hours to activate.

13 days later, I called back because it still didn't work right (except at
32kbp). I spoke to 6 different people. One told me it was my computer, and my
internet connection wasn't fast enough. (Dual OC3's here, btw). Another told me
even though it was added to my account, I couldn't get it till I paid for it.
(huh?) Another yet told me that it should just be working, and if it wasn't I
needed to email another company and wait till the called me back. (double huh?)
They flat out refused to transfer me to any supervisors, or any actual tech
support (besides customer service reps).

I got such a run around from these idiots, I decided to cancel. After 10
minutes of me screaming at this guy who was in "product support", he finally
agreed to transfer me to cancelations. Now I'm demanding my money back all the
way to October when I signed up for a year. In my opinion, them taking options
away from a subscription I paid a year for is bait and switch. I could have
overlooked the price-hike, and even paid the 3 bucks more for the premium
online listening, but even after they gave it to me for free they STILL
couldn't make it work. Sad.

Anyway, I'm no longer an XM listener. I'm thinking of buying a Slacker G2 now.
Anyone have any opinions of it?