Hey all,

I'm trying to put together a procedure for my team on how to restore / audit messages from user accounts without the user's knowledge. I've seen TID # 3373106 but was curious if the following method would work instead:

1. Create a new GroupWise system, domain, and po in a new tree, completely isolated from our production agents. This runs on a SUSE server.
2. Restore the full post office to the SUSE server.
3. Create a new account in the new restore PO with the same Mailbox ID and FID as the production account. Set a password.
4. Create a restore area which points to the restored post office directory and grant permission to this user.
5. Log into the new mailbox / agent and attempt to access the Restore Area.

I tried already and keep getting "c00f - Password passed in open call does not match create password". I also tried running a GWCheck with "clear user's password" against the restored po directory. I also set the POA security to "low". Everything is on GroupWise version 8.

Any ideas? Or am I stuck with the horribly long, painful process described in that TID?