I'm running nw6.5 sp7 on my servers but noticed when i look at my older
servers that have been upgraded from previous versions (from nw5), the ldap
version shows 'NetWare 5 ldap version 3' in the properties under C1.
I noticed the newest server recently added shows different ldap mappings and
shows ldapconfigversion of 11.
Looking at novell website, i found a tid that describes re-installing ldap.

TID: 10060250
1. In ConsoleOne delete the LDAP Server and LDAP Group objects. (verify
obituaries have processed before continuing)
2. At the server console prompt type "UINSTALL EDIR" and press <ENTER>.
3. Reinstall eDirectory 8.6.2 (or greater), following installation steps.
During the installation of eDirectory, LDAP services will be reinstalled and
automatically configured.

I've never uninstalled edir and this sounds scary.
Is this the correct method and what effects do uninstalling edir have on the
operations of that server?