I sent this message to my anti-spam customers today!


Greetings to our anti-spam customers!

A few of our customers have expressed concern over the amount of spam that
is being delivered to your mailboxes. Alas, spam is back up to almost
incomprehensible numbers. Postini estimates 94% of all email is now spam.
Here is an interesting article about it:


What does this mean for you and your users? If we can block 99% of the junk
destined for your mailboxes, approximately 16 junk mail messages would make
it through to a user's mailbox for every 100 real messages that are
delivered. At 98% that would be 31 messages per 100 messages. At 97% that
is 47 messages per 100 real messages! At a 98% effective rate for blocking
spam, to the end user it appears as if they are receiving one spam message
for every two real messages they receive. In reality, they are having over
1500 messages blocked for every 100 they receive.

While we strive to block between 95-99% of the bad messages (to do more
would run the risk of blocking important, real messages to your mailbox),
you can see that as the percentage of spam increases, the incremental amount
of spam that sneaks through is also proportional.

As always, we work daily to find better ways to block spam. it is, of
course, a continued uphill battle!

Thank you for your continued business!



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