Let me give you a little background on the problem. First we lost printing on our nw65sp2 server. We were told we needed to being the service pack up to date so we put on SP8. The server abended at startup, so a SE with Novell had do an upgrade back to sp5 and was able to get everything working. Now we have 5 workstations out of 150 that will not login. We are using Novell client 4.91 and on the login screen when you choose advance we are able to browse to the tree, context and the server, but can not login on these workstations. We have reinstall the client with no luck. We have a 5.0 server on a different tree and we can set the client for that server and it will login but will not login on the 6.5 server. We have changed the IP number on these workstations with no lock. Any ideas? We can pull a hard drive from a workstation that will login and put into one that does not and we can not login. All workstations were logging in fine before we had the trouble with the server.