One server in our tree (NW65SP7, eDir has a problem where httpstk
doesn't bind to port 8009, hence we cannot access NoRM securely on this server.

I've verified that NICISDI.XLM, SASDFM.XLM, SAS.NLM and PKI.NLM load
successfully. I've also verified that the SAS Service object and SSL
CertificateIP and SSL CertificateDNS objects are configured correctly as
described in TID10056039. PKIDIAG shows no problems with the certificates.

I even removed and re-installed the certificate server as described in
TID10050254. After that, all the objects still look correct, and PKIDIAG
doesn't show any errors. However, the problem remains.

Here's what I do:
1. Verify that NICISDI, SASDFM, SAS and PKI are loaded
2. LOAD NILE (it loads OK)
3. LOAD HTTPSTK /ssl /keyfile:"SSL CertificateIP" (it loads OK)
4. Load TCPCON and see that port 8008 is bound, but port 8009 is not
5. Unload HTTPSTK. At that point, it logs this error to the logger screen:
HTTPSTK: Error 10038 enabling SSL services - SSL Disabled.

Any ideas?