Dear members,

in GroupWise 8 an auto-save feature is included for the windows client as well as for webaccess. Writing mails via webaccess should auto-save unfinished mails in "work in progress" folder.
Using webaccess GW 8hp1 versions nothing is saved in "work in progress" folder, when creating mails with Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.0.8 and producing a browser crash with task manager. You can see a "saving..." message after the 10 seconds of inactivity, but reopening the browser and authenticating to GW webaccess, there is no auto-saved mail in the "work in progress".
Also mails which have not been finished and sent after the default 20 minutes of inactivity in a WebAccess session are not available after reauthenticating. In addition the window with the unfinished message disappears and the whole typing work has gone.

Is there a special setting to get this feature running?

Thanks for any tips you may be able to provide.