I've created an iPrint printer for a HP Laserjet 3005 on OES2 SP1 (linux), but I have a few printing issues.
When I use PCL6 drivers all I get is a PCL XL error (IllegalOperatorSequence), and when I use PCL5e drivers, whatever it prints is missing lines (either the last 3-4 lines of a word document or of an excel spreadsheet).
To troubleshoot the problem I've already updated the drivers (by using both universal and non-universal versions), the iPrint agent (i'm now on 5.12), and the iPrint server rpms (novell-iprint-server-6.0.20081215-0.3.i586) but so far nothing has changed.

I have the same exact printer model on a netware 6.5 SP7 and everything works fine, so it seems to be a linux-only issue.

Has anybody else run into the same problem?