Recently we installed GroupWise monitor on the same server as the MTA.

When I go to view the monitor webpage all the components (pos, gwia, webacc) all show green and happy, but the MTA shows the "Not Listening" status. Here's the fun part.

When monitoring the MTA using the MTA console everything looks fine.

However, when you click on the "Not Listening" link in GroupWise monitor it shows the MTA's address as the old Netware server's address that we migrated from. Hence the "Not Listening" status. Not sure why the old address is showing. I've looked all through the startup files for the post offices, MTA, GWIA and Webacc for anything that might reference the old MTA's ip address, but couldn't find anything.

It's really not a big deal since we can monitor it via the MTA's console, but it would be nice to have it available in the GroupWise monitor page so we can set traps, notifications, etc, etc.

Is there anyway I can fix this?