Hi, we have a pc running the 10.1.3 agent who can't start the "Novell ZENworks Remote Management powered by VNC". And, after looking at a few logs file I found out that the zenworks remote management service isn't able to startup. Here are a few lines that I found in the log:

ZENRMSetting.cpp: RMSetting:: Remote Management setting path = C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\conf\novell-rm-setting.ini.
ZENRMPolicy.cpp: Novell RM:: Error: Could not read <RemoteManagementService>|<Enable> key.
ZENRMSetting.cpp: RMSetting:: Error: Failed to set the RM service settings.
Fri Apr 03 10:43:13 2009
WinVNC.cpp: RMSetting:: Error: Failed to Read ZENworks Remote Management Settings.
So I tried to open the novell-rm-setting.ini file and all I get is an empty file. So after some more research on the subject I found out about TID 7002212 which says to contact NTS to get a hold of a clean version of this file which we don't have access to. So does anyone have any idea on how to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for everything!